The Single Best Strategy To Use For Structural Engineering Services

A company dealing with steel detailing services is mainly concerned with drawing up of drawings, plans and other documents for the manufacture and setting up of steel structures. Steel detailing is hence a very important part of structural engineering while the projects are residential, commercial, industrial or public in nature. The steel detailing usually deals with erecting beams, columns, hand rails, stairs, railings, and metal decks and are utilized in various building structures, bridges, industrial plants as well as a few non-building structures.

The responsibility of such a company is to guide the construction worker responsible for erection of the steel structure. The members concerned with detailing utilize two different types of drawings primarily.

• Erection drawings- This is a plan that includes all details for erecting the structure properly. It also includes the details for how to bolt and weld along with the method of wedge anchor installation. In short, it is a guide for the worker on the field. There are usually no details given about the components or fitting of the steel structures or any of its inherent parts.

• Shop Drawings- Any company dealing with Steel Detailing Services needs to prepare a plan with minute fabrication details of individual steel structures to be used. A completed drawing as drawn up by a detailer shows every detail including the type of material used and individual member size along with all the requisite dimensions needed for fabrication. Preparing the surface for erection as well as welding and bolting specifications along with painting details are regarded as a part and parcel of such drawings. The steel detailing services company does not need to include any information about erection or installation of the structures here, however.

It is the responsibility of the company or individual concerned with steel detailing services to adhere to the standards and protocols set up more info by professional bodies/organizations of the concerned nation. Any flaw in design or structural integrity does not affect the detailer in any way though as this part is handled by the structural engineer.

The steel detailing services company draws up the plans by utilizing special ‘computer aided drafting’ techique. Both 2-D as well as 3-D model can be created by a detailer before converting the project model into an erection or shop drawing.

Members on a team dealing with Steel Detailing Services require to be well versed with engineering concepts usually. Most companies employ people with a degree in civil or structural engineering so that the detailing work can be completed flawlessly. An understanding of CAD is considered to be an added advantage in this area too. However, having a degree or a certification is not the only criteria for being a successful detailer.

Each member of the steel detailing services team should be able to analyze complex designs effectively and come up with simple solutions that can take the project forward.

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